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Why Join MBRT?

Once you become a member, you will receive these significant benefits!

Annual CEO Round Table - Receive a special invitation to an annual national conference where you'll get to network with corporate executives, government officials, and other prominent figures.

Annual CEO Workshop - Attend and participate in MBRT's CEO workshop held during MEDWeek's annual conference in Washington, DC. Each year, MBRT tackles a specific policy issue confronting minority business.

Networking - Meet with Fortune 500 companies, members of the Business Round Table, and other trade groups to expand your firm's influence and market potential.

Business Building Opportunities - Let MBRT "open the doors" for you to increase your corporate and federal business opportunities.

Connecting With Government - Get special opportunities to meet with federal, Congressional, and White House officials.

Education & Advocacy - Participate in the political process by advocating for or against policies that affect your businesses.

Access to Research - Gain special access to valuable demographic and other statistics on minority communities and on minority-and women-owned businesses, including market trends and forecasts.

MBRT Publications - Receive periodic briefs on critical policy topics. A newsletter, reporting on MBRT activities and events, will also offer members publicity as they are featured in the newsletter and its associated website.

MBRT Venture Capital Fund - Minority Business RoundTable

Minority Business RoundTable, 1629 K Street, N.W. Suite 300 Washington, DC 20006 Phone: 202-289-8881  rogercampos@mbrt.net

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